Sofia the First

This is one of my daughter’s “Big Three” shows (Sofia the First, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Curious George). My Little Pony is a much better show than Sofia the First, but also centers around a ruling class of Alicorn Princesses and lowly earth-ponies who work the land. This concept that Orwell identified in Charles Dickens books is something I’ve noticed in plenty of other places. Another great example is Downton Abbey, a show so bewitching in it’s glorification of the aristocracy it once managed to turn you against a maid character who had aspirations beyond servitude, thinking she ought to keep her mouth shut about her “dreams” and appreciate the fact that she has a good job in a nice house with a kind family. Can’t she see how decent Lord Grantham is?? She should consider herself lucky!

Mike Dawson is the author of the graphic novels Freddie & Me and Troop 142, as well as the collection of short stories, Ace-Face: The Mod with the Metal Arms. His next graphic novel, Angie Bongiolatti, a story about socialism, sex, and Online Learning, will be published by Secret Acres in April of 2014.

Should “social justice” be called “Disney justice”?




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